Thank you, my friends! I would like to express my thanks to following colleagues, who provide me with spiders, valuable information and observations from a fields or photos. Including great buddies during field trips or people, who provide me support during trip organisations. In alphabetic order: Tharina Bird, Petr Dolejš, Vladimír Fura, Charles Haddad, Sérgio Henriques, Siegfried Huber, Vadimír Hula, Pavel Just, Stanislav Korenko, Ondřej Košulič, Jiří Král, Yeal Lubin, Stanislav Macík, Stano Pekár, Milan Řezáč, František Šťáhlavský and all members of Eresidae Facebook group.

My research on eresids was supported by project of Charles University (GAUK 830413).