Loureedia Miller et al., 2012

Valid species: The genus comprise single species L. annulipes formerly placed in the genus Stegodyphus.

Distribution: Israel, and North Africa. Original report of S. annulipes from Brazil was erroneous (Miller et al. 2012).

Appearance: Females are similar to some Eresus. Coloration of females and juveniles black with white markings. Adult males brightly coloured abdomen with red (sometimes red and white) transversal lines, sometimes red coloration also on prosoma.

Biology: L. annulipes lives in deep burrows under stones in deserts and semi-deserts. It can be found in both sandy and rocky habitats. When being disturbed spider try to close its burrow by front legs. They display matriphagy. Males get adult during autumn.

Note: The name Loureedia was chosen as a tribute to US musician Lou Reed - the founder of cult rock band Velvet Underground (regarding common name of the family and the “underground live style” of burrowing spiders).  

Fotogalerie: Loureedia annulipes