Adonea Simon, 1873

Adonea fimbriata

Diversity: 2 species: A. algerica, A. fimbriata. The species status of A. algerica is a point of controversy (see Miller et al. 2012 for details). The only certain species of the genus is A. fimbriata.

Distribution: Mediterrain, Recent records are restricted to Israel. Previous finding of this species report northern Africa.

Appearance: Bigger spider. Contrary, to other velvet spiders Adonea has bigger eyes and different shape of prosoma. Coloration of females and juveniles is black with white dots on whole body. Adult males are black and white.

Biology: A. fimbriata is an extremely rare spider, recently have been re-discovered at few places of Negev. It has been found in wadis of rocky desert. Spiders build few decimetres deep borrows under stones. In the spring time is possible to observe the silk row, surrounding the entrance of burrow. With respect to different size of males is probable that individuals takes different number of years to get adult, this has been confirmed by my captive breeding. During September we found nests comprising dozens of juveniles with dead mother. Thus probable time of cocoon production and spiderling hatching is in the early summer. Nests comprise remains of beetles and ants. It is probable that this species feeds on another pray which "fossilize" hardly. In captivity crickets, fruit flies and beetles have been eaten.